Save power, Save on your electricity bill and Reduce your carbon footprint!
PIVO Transformer Reduces energy costs by average 12 to 16%.

PIVO Transformer offers Voltage Optimisation (VO) solutions creating optimal Power Savings. At Power Intelligence, we design and manufacture PIVO Transformers in Australia for the Australian Environment. Our customers all benefit from energy efficiency, uncompromised power supply and guaranteed power savings all day every day.

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    Voltage Optimisation

    Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation (VO) generates immediate energy savings. Power hungry sites containing high levels of air conditioning, lighting and motor loads can now benefit from instant power demand, energy, cost and CO2 reduction.

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    How PIVO Works

    PIVO Transformer is a 3 phase voltage optimisation (VO) energy management system that reduces a high incoming voltage to match the voltage requirements of the site. The Power Intelligence PIVO Transformer will reduce electricity bills without compromising power supply or power quality providing absolute energy efficiency.

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    Engineered For Australia

    The Power Intelligence PIVO Transformer is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our local conditions and standards for power voltage optimisation (VO). Technically brilliant, the PIVO Transformer efficiently controls the input voltage to reduce power consumption through voltage reduction to match your site’s power requirements.

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    Efficient Use of Energy

    PIVO energy efficiency will reduce power costs and CO2 emissions for small to large environments. Organisations from industries such retail, commercial, industrial, government, engineering can now optimise these power and carbon footprint savings through Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation PIVO Transformers.

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    Guaranteed Power Savings

    We back our product and quoted savings are guaranteed.  Power Intelligence guarantees immediate energy savings and CO2 savings with a PIVO Transformer.  Our FREE no obligation site evaluation; voltage monitoring and voltage optimisation cost benefit analysis will clearly demonstrate your potential building energy efficiency.

Cockburn group of companies, previously trading as Cockburn Powerstar, launches Power Intelligence which manufactures voltage optimisation (VO) PIVO Energy Efficiency transformer units in Australia for the Australian environment. 

The PIVO transformer is specifically engineered for each site in accordance with the voltage supply and energy consumption. The 3 phase transformer will regulate the voltage input as per the electrical equipment requirements and provide power monitoring through data logging for all power supply parameters.  A VO transformer assists in reducing voltage harmonics and phase imbalances for the site and is specifically engineered to improve power quality  to get your site to running at its most efficient. The PIVO Transformer system has many benefits for the site and the environment:

• Reduce energy usage (kWh)
• Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Reduce maximum demand (kVA)
• Reduce levels of voltage harmonics

And creating:

• Improvement in power factor
• Improvement in power quality
• Improvement in operation of electrical equipment
• Improvement in lifetime of electrical equipment

The Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation PIVO Transformer is an Australian innovation enabling you to save power; save on your electricity bill, reduce your carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency all day every day.



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