Power Intelligence (Cockburn Powerstar previously) is an Australian manufacturer of energy management systems offering carbon emission reduction through voltage optimisation for power hungry sites. Our PIVO Transformer is a Voltage Optimisation system specifically designed and manufactured in Australia for the Australian Environment. You can now reduce your carbon footprint, saving power and minimising electricity costs with simplicity and ease.

The introduction of the Carbon Tax*, increasing cost of electricity and clean green awareness in Australia has created a growing demand for reductions in energy consumption and associated power costs. We strive to create greater awareness of voltage optimisation through education and assisting all industry sectors in achieving optimal energy efficiency outcomes.

Power Intelligence dedicates over 100 years of expertise and practical application in electrical contracting and engineering; transformer design and manufacture, towards the development of the PIVO Transformer, creating premium power voltage optimisation.

Our in house design and development facilities employ the latest CAD/CAM 3D design and modelling systems to provide a customised superior quality 3 phase transformer. PIVO Transformers are manufactured in a cost effective manner, producing a high standard finish in accordance with AS/NZS 60076.1 for power transformers. Our Victorian factory base ensures customers benefit from shorter lead times throughout Australia.

Power Intelligence is part of the Cockburn Group of companies alongside Cockburn Electrical Company (CEC) and previously operating as Cockburn Powerstar.

* “The Clean Energy Legislative Package, passed by the Senate on 8 November 2011, sets out the way that Australia will introduce a carbon price to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution and move to a clean energy future”, Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.



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