With PIVO Voltage Optimisation

pivo transformer input voltage  
In Australia, the average voltage is 247V, 7.4% above Australia’s nominal voltage (230V) and
12% above the design voltage of most electrical equipment (220V).

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The Power Intelligence Voltage Power Optimisation system is engineered to reduce the high supply voltage
to suite the design characteristics of the site’s electrical equipment (220-230V).

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electrical equipment power savings  
By reducing the supply voltage the Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation transformer reduces
energy consumption, carbon footprint and power costs. This also extends the life span of
electrical equipment, as well as having other power quality and power saving benefits.

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reduce electricity bills power  
Power Intelligence voltage optimisation reduces electricity bills for power hungry sites; especially those that
typically require a lot of air conditioning, motor loads and lighting. Power Savings are immediate
upon installation and savings quoted are guaranteed!

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How PIVO Works?

pivo-voltage-optimiserAccording to Low Carbon Australia (formerly Australian Carbon Trust), energy efficiency is important for tackling the challenge of climate change, but it's also important for Australian businesses to help monitor and cut their own power usage, saving money through delivering effective, energy cost reductions such as Voltage Power Optimisation*. 

Since the average Australian voltage supply of 247V is at the higher end of the statutory supply range, sites across Australia are paying high amounts for energy consumption when in reality, the operating equipment requires 220V.  This not only compromises their energy efficiency, but also the equipment life cycle. 

Power Intelligence implemented an energy efficiency program within a local Victorian municipality where energy costs were high as a result of old equipment and high voltage consumption.  Through our analysis, implementation and post implementation review, the site experienced 15% savings on kWh, with corresponding CO2 reductions.

Power intelligence has designed and manufactured the PIVO Transformer to be easily installed between the incoming supply transformer and the electrical distribution board that feeds any site.  This ensures the whole site benefits from the superior power quality association with voltage optimisation.  The Power Intelligence Voltage Power Optimisation system employs an ultra-high efficient design, whereby each system is custom designed to service the needs of an individual site.

Along with optional extras provided to suit the needs of any site, the PIVO Transformer is a complete turnkey solution from the free evaluation to commissioning to post commission review.

Power Intelligence backs its quoted product with guaranteed savings.

*Low Carbon Australia (formerly Australian Carbon Trust)



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