PIVO Guarantee

Savings Guarantee

The PIVO Transformer Power Savings and Environmental Savings Guarantee is a demonstration of our confidence in the product and the understanding of your site conditions and loads following the proposal process with each system.  With every formal proposal the Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation system comes with a financial guarantee of the quoted savings (as a percentage of the kWh).  

In the unlikely event that the verification process demonstrates projected savings have not been achieved, then Power Intelligence will make available the following options to the customer:

a) Ask us to remove the unit; or
b) We will provide a payment until the quoted ROI and payback is achieved.

Verification of Savings

In our opinion, the verification process is one of the most important phases of the process.  Power Intelligence will follow an agreed verification procedure in close consultation with the customer.


In addition to the financial savings there are also environmental savings in the reduction of tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.  With the introduction of the Carbon Tax many companies are preparing themselves to meet this challenge. In our proposal we will indicate the amount of carbon dioxide saved by installing a Power Intelligence PIVO Transformer.



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