PIVO Benefits

front-pivo-transformer-webThere are a number of Voltage Optimisation benefits, alongside energy savings, that result from the installation of a Power Intelligence PIVO transformer unit. These benefits result directly from the superior power quality achieved through a system designed and customised to each site. Our additional features can be used to maximise these benefits and have your site run at its most efficient.

  • Reduction in energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduction in carbon footprint (CO2)
  • Reduction in maximum demand (kVA)
  • Reduction in levels of voltage harmonics
  • Improvement in power factor
  • Improvement in power quality
  • Improvement in operation of electrical equipment
  • Improvement in lifetime of electrical equipment.

Our high standard and quality assurance system ensures that customers receive a premium product and finish.  The cabinet and transformer components are manufactured in a closely linked and controlled manufacturing process, enabling outstanding flexibility to match individual site requirements, particularly where space is premium or if the site conditions require outdoor sealed units.



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