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front-inside-pivo-transformer-webA number of optional features can be integrated with the Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation (VO) unit in order to ensure optimum power quality and the most energy savings at your site. The following list includes all optional inclusions, however only some of them may be applicable to your site:

  • Under Voltage Controller (UVC)
    The UVC ensures that any unprecedented voltage dips or drops at the site are not further reduced by the VO transformer. This guarantees that the site functions exactly as it did before installation of the VO transformer in terms of possible under voltage problems.
  • User Control Interface (UCI)
    The UCI allows recording of the monitored data (voltage, current, energy usage etc) and downloading of this data for analysis of the site. This allows additional savings to be achieved by monitoring and targeting (M&T).
  • Bypass Switches
    In the unlikely event of the VO transformer failing, security of supply can be improved by installing the Voltage Optimisation transformer with one of the following bypass switches:
    a) Break Before Make Bypass - This would cause interruption to the supply;
    b) Make Before Break Bypass - A more expensive option that allows bypass without any interruption to the power supply.
    These bypass switches allow the transformer to be taken out of circuit for maintenance or to operate the site in its pre-voltage optimisation state.
  • Main Switch
    In certain circumstances the installation may require the installation of a new main switch (ACB or MCCB).  This is in accordance with AS3000 regulations requiring a suitably rated protection device to protect the VO transformer and the site.
  • Outdoor Cabinet
    When the VO transformer is to be installed outside a suitable outdoor enclosure will be included. The additional cost will be determined by the IP rating requirement of the environment in which the unit is to be installed.
  • Harmonic Mitigation
    At sites that suffer from high levels of harmonics in excess of the voltage and current harmonic distortion limit, specified in the standard IEC 61000-3.7.  In which case, we recommend a site specific solution for all sites.  Power Intelligence can assist with this process as outlined in the Power Quality section.
  • Power Factor Correction
    The design of the VO transformer ensures that there is an improvement in power factor at the site.  However, if the site suffers from poor power factor before the installation of the VO then additional power factor correction (PFC) equipment can be included to ensure that the desired power factor is achieved.

In summary, the voltage optimisation PIVO transformer comes with a range of options to provide a complete turn-key solution. This means that while the energy savings are maximised our engineering approach addresses all power quality issues through harmonic mitigation filtering and power factor correction to ensure your site operates at its most efficient and with the highest level of power quality and security of supply.



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