Technical specification

Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation Unit – PIVO Transformer

The Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation system is designed and manufactured in Australia for the Australian Environment, in accordance with the relevant Australian Electrical Safety Standards including AS/NZS 60076 for power transformers.  Our in house design and development facilities employ the latest CAD/CAM 3D design and modelling systems to provide a customised superior quality 3 phase transformer.  Our Victorian factory base ensures customers benefit from shorter lead times throughout Australia.

Transformer specification outline:

Specification Detail
Input Voltage 415V (3 phase)
Frequency 50Hz
Output Voltage Input voltage less selectable voltage tapping to suit site requirements.
Voltage Tappings A range of voltage taps are provided to allow voltage adjustment if required through changes to site conditions in the future
Cooling ANAN
Alternate cooling methods can be employed depending on site conditions
Insulation Class Class H (180ºC limited to Class F temperature rise 155ºC)
Ambient Temperature -10ºC to +45ºC
Ingress Protection (IP); IP22 (transformer)
IP43 (cabinet)
Higher IP can be provided depending on site conditions
Location Indoor
Units suitable for outdoor installation can be provided if required to suit site conditions
Overload Capability 120% for 30 minutes
Thermal Devices Included to monitor transformer core temperatures.
Thermal measuring device is optional.
Rating Range from 30kVA to 3,500kVA
Testing All units are tested in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Australian and International Electrical Safety Standards including AS/NZS 60076 for power transformers.  An individual test certificate is provided for each unit supplied.
Cabinet The cabinet housing the transformer is also designed and manufactured in Australia.
This provides complete flexibility to provide a suitable enclosure for all the varied demands of individual locations.  The cabinet is individually built to high standards for rigidity, performance and appearance, i.e. not from flat pack bolted parts.




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