Voltage Optimisation

voltage-reduction-chartStandards Australia issued AS 60038 in 2000 with 230V as the nominal voltage with +10% and -6% range. Some states in Australia have been slow to adopt the new 230V as standard, whereby they still mandate 240V +/-6% voltage range*.

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Consequently, the average voltage across Australia is approximately 247V, being at the higher end of the statutory supply range of (216V – 253V), resulting in higher than necessary voltages at sites across Australia. This not only compromises optimum performance of electrical equipment, but also limits the potential energy savings per site.

Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation overcomes the excess voltage issue by utilising a highly efficient PIVO 3 phase transformer, which reduces the incoming voltage from the higher levels currently used for distribution down to the design characteristics of the operating equipment (220 – 230V single phase). By doing so, the losses within the operating equipment will be reduced and the equipment operates at peak energy efficiency. Meaning, voltage optimisation will reduce the carbon footprint of energy consumption to suit minimum and maximum site demands whilst extending the life cycle of your electrical equipment. Typically achieved energy savings will range from 2% for every 1% voltage reduction.

The Power Intelligence PIVO 3 Phase Transformer Voltage Optimisation system employs an ultra-high efficient design, whereby each system is custom designed to service the needs of an individual site. This ensures each site receives optimum power quality with maximum returns on power, energy and carbon footprint savings. From our experience, on an average the potential electrical equipment power savings can be between 8% - 16%, however, savings greater than 20% has also been achieved.

*Australasian Power Technologies Publications, Industrial Electrix, 1st Quarter Jan Mar 2011, Voltage & Electrical Equipment Misalignment, pgs 12 – 15.

Without PIVO Voltage Optimisation - Normal Electricity Consumption

power supply 230V  
In normal circumstances the incoming voltage from the Australian Power Network
is generally higher than it needs to be at the building.

Learn How Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation Works?
reduce power 230V voltage  
Voltage made available to energy customers in Australia ranges between 230V – 250V.
Typically, operating equipment only requires an average of 220V. Higher voltage application
to sites causes some loads to consume more power, consequently reducing the equipment
life span as well as power and money wastage.

Learn How Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation Works?
power save money voltage  
High voltage consumption results in greater kVA/ power demand, increasing the cost of electricity.
The Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation technology (PIVO Transformer) optimises the
incoming voltage to suit each site to save power and save money.

Learn How Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation Works?



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