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Industrial: Larger site’s for manufacturing, processing etc.
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Very Efficient: Most electrical equipment has been upgraded in the last 7 years
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Inefficient: Electrical equipment is generally older than 7 years
Please Note: The above calculator is a guide only.
For an accurate site assessment please contact us for a free site survey.

Free Evaluation

Please note that the savings quoted using this calculator are an estimate only. To provide accurate savings figures backed up by our financial guarantee please contact us to arrange a free site survey and voltage logging.

Q:  Can I save power at my site and how much power can be saved?
A:  Contact Power Intelligence on 1300 677 564 for a free site evaluation.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements in details.  We offer you the following site evaluation process:

1. We discuss your site together with a general consultation.

2. A voltage logger is simply and easily installed at a power point for 10 days.  This establishes the level of voltage optimisation available at the site.

3. We review the following site data:

a. 12 month electricity bills.  A minimum of one is required to establish the tariff and 12 to establish the maximum demand over the 12 month period; or
b. 12 months half-hour data (if available);
c. Approximate details of the site load.

Note: The electricity bills and half-hourly data provide the load profile and maximum demand of the site so that no additional monitoring is required for a guaranteed savings quote. If the site suffers from other power quality issues such as high levels of harmonics or poor power factor then an additional power quality survey should be conducted and this is assessed on a site by site basis.

4. An “expected savings” proposal is generated, which outlines:

a. Capital and instalment costs;
b. Savings in kWh and $’s;
c. Your ROI;
d. CO2 emission savings;
e. Pay-back period

Once our proposal meets your requirements, we perform a comprehensive site survey and provide a formal quote outlining guaranteed savings and installation costs.

Variations of this process apply to suit the individual requirements and circumstances of each client.



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